Age of Empires Online launching this fall

The strategic path to release has been set and Age of Empires Online is expecting to attack gamers with a full release this fall. focalbox The release window announcement was made via the official Twitter account for the title, yesterday.

According to Joystiq, a more specific release date is expected to be set on May 31.

Though Age of Empires Online is a free-to-play title, a batch of premium content is expected to arrive after launch, priced at under $20. The game features two civilizations, the Greeks and Egyptians; however, two more civs will be introduced with the addition of the premium content by the end of 2011.

Development for the game began under the wing of newly formed studio Robot Entertainment, but dev duties for the game were recently handed to Gas Powered Games. Robot Entertainment is currently working on a new title, Orcs Must Die!