Ace Combat: Assault Horizon coming October 11

Namco Bandai announced a set of release dates today for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, its refresh of the action flight franchise. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title will hit North America on October 11, and then hop the pond to release in Europe on October 14.


The game is being written by Jim DeFelice, a New York Times bestselling military author who isn't Tom Clancy. You'll be taking the helm of super-sonic jets, attack helicopters, and the usual array of other slick aircraft. You'll also visit locales like Russia and Dubai, presumably too fast to admire the insane architecture.

"Ace Combat is a beloved franchise and we're excited to take the series into a whole new direction with more visceral and fast-paced action," said producer Kazutoki Kono in the announcement. "Players around the world will find an adventure that will keep them glued to the edge of their seat. They'll feel their adrenaline pumping with every bullet, every explosion and every near miss escape."

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