Celebrate 'Gearbox Community Day' with new Duke Nukem Forever screens

Gearbox has announced its first-ever community event, aptly dubbed "Gearbox Community Day." The event will take place in Dallas, TX, on June 11. Registration and further details for the event are available right now and tickets are slated to be priced at the low, low cost of zero earth dollars. According to the announcement press release for the event, Gearbox Community Day will feature a chance for gamers to play Duke Nukem Forever "alongside the Gearbox crew"; panels and presentations from the people behind Gearbox's franchises, including Duke Nukem, Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Brothers in Arms and more; and the first "public unveiling of never-before-seen materials" by Gearbox. Considering the event takes place just after E3, we presume some of the aforementioned "never-before-seen materials" will be based on secrets from the industry's biggest event.

Duke Nukem tries to catch-up to himself.

Whether done in celebration of today's announcement or not, 2K Games has also released a handful of screenshots featuring Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer action. Duke Nukem Forever launches for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on June 14 in North America and on June 10 internationally.