Pre-order Rocksmith, get $25 off a new guitar

Pre-ordering Rocksmith from GameStop will net you a $25 voucher towards the purchase of a new guitar, Ubisoft has announced. "What a curious pre-order bonus!" you might gasp, cocking your head. "Right, but you see," I'd counter, "it's a rhythm game which uses an actual guitar to teach you how to wail, so you need an axe, right?" "Ah!" you cry. "So this is actually quite helpful, as pre-order bonuses go." And then, after I finish writing this, we go off together for a nice cup of tea.

GameStop's offering a voucher redeemable at music chain Guitar Center for $25 off the purchase of a guitar, in-store or online. While the savvy buyer might notice that Guitar Center frequently offers coupons and blanket discounts on its own accord, $25 off is a nice little something for some.

Rocksmith is scheduled to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall, with September looking likely. The main selling point is that players use an actual guitar as the controller, learning how to play as they jam along to artists including the Animals, David Bowie, Nirvana and the Rolling Stones. Aids such as looping individual sections or slowing down the song will help players along. Ubisoft points out it's not just for beginners, as capable guitar players will still learn new songs.

Of course, rather than pre-ordering now, you might want to wait until Ubisoft unveils its bundle plans. It's whispered that the publisher's looking at a $200 pack containing the game and some manner of plucked stringed instrument. You might also want to wait for reviews before you go slapping down $79.99 for yet another rhythm game. Just a thought. How about that tea?