Guardian Heroes being remastered for XBLA

Sega announced today that the Treasure-developed Saturn cult hit Guardian Heroes will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. This version of the action-RPG brawler will be updated for HD TVs, of course, and come with online co-op. You can play through Story Mode with up to two players, or Versus Mode with 12 players. Plus, you can pick from Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode, and Arrange Mode -- though details were scant on the particulars of each. It's planned for a release sometime this fall. No price has been announced, but recent Genesis and Dreamcast re-releases have ranged between $5 and $10.

"Ever since we began to make Sega’s classic Dreamcast and the [Genesis] titles available for modern systems, the fan response has been overwhelming – and the demand for their favorite games has been pouring in," said digital business VP Haruki Satomi in the announcement. "Players have been clamoring for this treasured favorite from the Saturn days, and we cannot wait to show them what we have got for them." It sounds like we can expect more Saturn releases to come.

Sega has been banking on nostalgia lately, re-releasing Dreamcast classics like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi. Guardian Heroes may not be as widely-known, but it holds a place in more than a few hearts.