Super Meat Boy beta level editor now on Steam

The free Super Meat Boy beta level editor and its associated portal has gone live on Steam, Team Meat announced today. With it you can create levels, upload single stages or full chapters, and rate other user-made levels in the user-created portal, Super Meat World.


After downloading the update, you can find the level editor in the Tools section of your Steam library; a shortcut will be made available soon as well. The level creation tools don't have a tutorial, but Team Meat encourages fans to hop on the forums to trade tips.

You'll need to complete a level to prove that it's possible before it gets set live to the portal. That means if your sadistically hard stage-creation skills are higher than your sadistically hard stage-navigation skills, you might have a problem. If you want to make a set of levels into a chapter, just upload all of the stages to the portal as usual, and then click the "Create" button to order at least 5 levels into a set.

You can also select from the full character roster, even if you haven't unlocked some of the more well-hidden crew. Clicking Meat Boy's face goes into the roster mode so you can set them as active for a stage.

Team Meat warns that this is still a beta, so you might run into issues. If you do, let the team know on the forums so they can be fixed. The Mac version of the level editor is still in development, but it won't be coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Super Meat World was planned to launch sometime in early April, with the team claiming it could be "days away even" in late March. It may have taken a little longer than expected, but fresh meat is better than no meat.