DC Universe Online giving free month, bat-masks for downtime

Following the data breach of Sony's servers, the company detailed a PlayStation Network Welcome Back program, and promised something extra for DC Universe Online subscribers. Yesterday the DCUO Facebook page detailed the plan.

Players will get 30 days subscription credit, and an extra day for each the service was unavailable (so far, almost two weeks). Plus, everyone will get a Batman-inspired mask, so you can count on legions of bat-posers gracing the streets of Gotham.

The PlayStation Network downtime didn't impact PC players at first, since SOE was said to be unaffected. Monday, however, Sony Online Entertainment pulled service, later admitting that it had lost nearly 13,000 Japanese and European credit cards from an old database during the data breach. Apparently only 900 were still active.

This comes on the heels of SOE's announcement that DCUO is being slimmed down to just four servers -- two in North America and two in Europe -- to make up for low server populations.

Sony also hinted at peace offerings for SOE MMO Free Realms. Though the "30 days free" offer will be a moot point, because Free Realms is, as the name implies, already free.