Armageddon gets farting unicorn after 1M demo downloads

In what seems to be a growing tradition of incredibly strange, immersion-breaking downloadable content, Volition has announced that they'll be bringing a special weapon to Red Faction: Armageddon once the demo has been downloaded one million times.

That weapon? An adorable unicorn with severe flatulence, named Mr. Toots. For those paying close attention, the little bugger is the "very, very special treat for everyone" that Voltion's Dan Sutton alluded to near the end our early preview of Armageddon.

Take it away, official press release:

From the studio that brought you the Ostrich Hammer and the purple sex-toy bludgeon, Volition unveils its next weapon of crass destruction: Mr. Toots! A miniature magical unicorn so powerful it lays entire cities to waste, Mr. Toots farts joyous rainbows of pure devastation. Never before has hyper-colored flatulence wrought such destruction, and, for the colonists of Mars in Red Faction: Armageddon, inspiration.

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Those curious about the origin of this strange meme need look no further than the original short by Freddy Wong.