Weekend Confirmed Episode 58

By Garnett Lee, Apr 29, 2011 11:00am PDT

This week Christian Spicer joins Jeff and Garnett on the show and they waste no time getting into the games. Well, okay, there might be a little NBA and NHL playoffs talk but then it's right on to Rage, Portal 2, Dragon Age 2 (Jeff finished it with 65 hours on the clock), and more. Of course, the big news of user data getting stolen from the PlayStation Network gets plenty of discussion as does the confirmation from Nintendo that a new console will indeed debut at E3. When Finishing Moves wraps it all up, the time has flown by.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 58: 04/29/2011

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  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Start: 00:33:14 End: 01:03:48

  • The Warning: Start: 01:04:56 End: 01:38:16

  • Featured Music "2.2 Cherry Blossom [The Fire]" by the Velvet Chameleon: 01:38:16 End: 01:41:30

  • Front Page news: Start: 01:41:30 End: 02:22:22

Vancouver, BC rockers The Velvet Chameleon contributed this week's featured track "2.2 Cherry Blossom [The Fire]." They describe themselves as, "a little out-of-the box like Radiohead, mixed in with the classic rock virility of Led Zep". Their self-produced EP at can be had on the band's Facebook or twitter.

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  • Had some thoughts about Garnett's comments on Anders in DAII and sexuality.

    I'm gay, so obviously I have an particular interest in this topic. I understand and admire Garnett's desire to see gay characters that are not defined by their sexuality and not portrayed in a sensational manner.

    But, as someone who wants to see greater acceptance of gay characters (And gay gamers of course, speaking as someone who'd never have the nerve to be open about my sexuality on XBox Live) I don't see that happening without writers tackling the issue of sexuality in a much more head on fashion. What I want to see is stories written for gay characters that are unambiguously about their sexualities and are not afraid to be confrontational about it. Put the issue out in the open where it can't be ignored, force the debate.

    Which is not to say that I don't see a place for the more subtle characters, if writers see that an aspect of their characters, that's fine. But, in general, writers don't break down fictional barriers by being subtle.

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    • Just as a side note, I've noticed that for movies, when the lead character is gay, I've never seen them portrayed by an openly gay actor, yet when a supporting character is gay, there seems to be more gay actors that fill those roles.

      How is this related? Well I feel that in general the average joe is able to discern that the straight actor is "just playing a role" but ironically more of a concern if the lead is actually gay themselves. This leads me to believe that the studios don't believe that people are ready to accept that there is equality, which is unfortunate.

      There have been too few characters that are written with such strength that when their sexuality comes up, it doesn't obscure the other aspects of the character's personality. Last week I pointed out Omar from the Wire as an example. But from gaming, The Gears of War games don't touch on Marcus's sexuality at all, but he's a badass all the way nonetheless. But what if there was a scene where it came out that Marcus was gay? Would that change your perception of him? To me his main characteristics are that he cares for his crew, is a tough guy, quite a leader, and a major badass. Hypothetically if it did come out that he was gay, it still shouldn't change anything because the orientation isn't relevant.

      Unfortunately in modern fiction I don't feel that there are that many characters (aside from Omar) that represents the equality as too many tend to fall back onto stereotypes. Take for comics for instance, you have the Rawhide Kid. He's supposed to be a very skilled gunslinger in the old wild west who happens to be gay, but for whatever reason the writers decided to write him as a stereotypical flamboyant character.

      The sooner we get out of stereotypes for characters (whether they be gay, female, a scientist, nerd, etc.), and realize that those descriptors aren't what make the character, the sooner we can get to having lead characters of all different varieties. Like why much a fat lead character always get pushed into a comedy genre? Why can't they feature in an action genre (ie. a security guard coming across something unusual)?.