Smuggle Truck hits PC and Mac; cuddlier Snuggle Truck hits iOS


Boston-based indie developer Owlchemy Labs has released its first title on PC and Mac today, along with a cosmetically different version made for iOS devices.

The original incarnation of the game (the PC and Mac version) is called Smuggle Truck. It's a physics-based side-scroller in which the player tries to drive a purple pickup truck full of illegal immigrants across the border. The gameplay centers around making it to the border as quickly as possible while making sure each level's jumps, hills, bumps, and hazards don't send your precious human cargo flying. Each level has a series of performance-based medals to achieve.

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Due to issues with App Store certification, Owlchemy Labs has also created a re-skinned version of the game called Snuggle Truck for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The levels and gameplay are identical to that of Smuggle Truck, with a few important differences: the passengers are cute animals instead of people, and the player is taking them to the zoo, instead of across the border. The iOS versions also incorporate tilt-based controls, a Game Center leaderboard, and achievements. Those who purchase the game for PC or Mac receive both versions, and can toggle between each art style with a simple button press.

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Smuggle Truck and Snuggle Truck include over forty levels, but the PC and Mac versions also come with a level editor that allows folks to make their own courses. According to Owlchemy Labs, an update is due out in May that will included "community levels for all platforms including iPhone. This means thousands of new levels for players, for free!" This update will also add the level editor to the iPad version of the game.

Smuggle Truck can be purchased for PC and Mac from the Smuggle Truck website for $4.99. Snuggle Truck (for iPhone and iPod Touch) is available on the Apple App Store for $1.99, as well as the iPad version, which runs $2.99.