GameFly iPhone app gets major update

A massive update to the GameFly app for iPhone hit the iTunes store today. Rolling out as simply "GameFly" now, version 2.0 brings conversations to the app so gamers can talk about what they're playing right within the app. Users can setup a profile, find people to play games with on Live, PSN, and Wii, post comments and share with followers, and connect with Facebook and twitter if so desired.

Screens of the new iPhone GameFly app 2.0

The GameFly app also continues to be a great way to read the Shack on the go. The clean format makes it easy to read the latest stories and we've worked hard to make screenshots and video look great in the app. When you want to take a quick look at what's happening in news or see the latest trailer, it's a nice compliment to the awesome Latest Chatty app developed by Alex Wayne. "The GameFly App is an incredible resource for information on games – now we are providing the tools to build a broader, more engaged community for gamers," said GameFly co-founder Sean Spector, adding that, "with these updates to our App, gamers can be more connected to one another than ever before." With over 2.6 million downloads the GameFly app sits as the number one app for videogame news and information.