Sony answers questions about PlayStation Network data theft

A fresh post from Sony senior director corporate communication and social media Patrick Seybold answers some of the most asked questions in the wake of Sony's disclosure that subscriber data has been stolen from the PlayStaion Network and Qriocity services. The highlights include:

  • Confirmation that all credit card numbers were stored in an encrypted format and that there is no evidence that data was taken.

  • Admission that personal data maintained in a separate data table was not encrypted.

  • Recommendation that if you use the same username and password elsewhere that those passwords be changed.

  • For those trying to figure out which card was on their account, the first four and last four digits of the card number would be on a confirmation email from DoNotReply@ac.playstation.net if you used it to fund your online wallet.

  • A new system software update will rollout with the restoration of the PlayStation Network requiring all users to change their password.

  • Sony is working with law enforcement personnel and proceeding aggressively to find those responsible, wherever they may be around the world.

No additional update on when the service might be back online was given beyond reiterating that Sony expects to have some services up within a week from yesterday. That timetable also comes with the disclaimer that they will only start to turn it back on when they are "confident that the network is secure."