Three new shmup-related releases on XBLA

Two titles absent from Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb of Xbox Live's recent Xbox Live Marketplace schedule update have popped up on Xbox Live Arcade today, which is always a pleasant surprise. Trouble Witches Neo and Nin2-Jump both arrived alongside today's better-publicised launch of Outland.


There's a shoot 'em up vein running through all of this week's new releases, in one way or another.

Trouble Witches Neo is a bullet hell-style shmup starring an assortment of wacky witches, because why not? Developed by Adventure Planning Service, it's priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Legendary shmup developer Cave's new game Nin2-Jump, on the other hand, is not a shmup at all but rather an action-y platformer. It's decked out with interesting shadow puppetry stylings, complete with an audience watching you play. You'll still be collecting mega-points as per usual, mind. It'll run you 400 MS Points ($5).

And, as expected, XBLA also got Outland for 800 MS Points ($10) today. From the maker of shiny shmup Super Stardust HD and drawing a little inspiration from the colour-switching ways of Ikaruga, it's a kill-y platformer with a gorgeous look.