Hulu Plus offers free week for PSN downtime

Hulu is offering a free week of Hulu Plus for those inconvenienced by the PlayStation Network's downtime. Platform Nation reports that an e-mail is circulating to Hulu Plus members, giving a one-week credit ($2) due to the PSN issues. It isn't clear if Hulu is offering this to all Hulu Plus subscribers, or only the ones who have logged on from a PlayStation 3.

The e-mail also confirms that no Hulu Plus account information was compromised by the PSN data theft, so at least there's that.

The PlayStation Network will be down for at least another week, so even with the free credit you won't be able to use the service through your PlayStation 3 for a while. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, might be a different story. A rumored scan from the Official Xbox Magazine (via Joystiq) claims Hulu Plus is coming to the Xbox 360 this Friday, April 29.

The launch will reportedly let 360 users try the service free for one week, and prizes will be given out once a week between April 29 and May 30. A few of the goodies include Beaches Resort trips, Xbox 360 bundles, and Hulu Plus subscriptions. We've contacted Microsoft regarding the rumor, but have yet to hear back.