Civ V getting two new DLC packs next week

[Update 11:05 am] Firaxis has announced that in the US, the packs will be available for $4.99 each or bundled for $7.49.

[Original Story] Civilization V continues to roll on with more downloadable content. 2K games and Firaxis announced today that a Denmark Civilization and Scenario Pack and Explorers Map Pack will be coming next Tuesday for the standard price of £2.99, CVG reports.

In the scenario, "1066: Year of Viking Destiny," you choose one of four leaders to take control of the British Isles. The rules have been tweaked to make aggression the only path to securing the land, and each of the factions has unique units behind it. In the Denmark civilization, you'll take the role of Harald Bluetooth (920-986 AD), known as a wise king who always had a headset in his ear.

The Explorers pack adds ten new single-player maps. Five are based on real-world locales, like the Amazon, Caribbean, and Bering Strait. Others are scripted environments that change from game to game, but are built to focus on a theme -- like the Sandstorm map teased in the announcement