Humble Bundle unlocks Splot demo


The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle has reached over $700,000, and as a result Frozenbyte has released a set of Milestone updates (via Joystiq). Among them is a sneak preview of Splot, a game still currently under development. The developers say its still missing some combo features, "but it should give a pretty good perception of what the game is going to be like."

The full game Splot will be added to the bundle once it's done, so anyone who's already bought it can play the full version then. Other milestone bonuses include the fan-requested level editor for Trine, and the source codes for both Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor.

Frozenbyte didn't specify if we'll see more milestone bonuses to come, but sales of the last Humble Bundles have hit over $1.8 million, so it seems likely that the team has a few more tricks up their sleeves.