Another World 60% off on GOG.com

If you haven't played Another World (also known as Out of this World, also known as Outer World) before, we've got a great reason for you to check it out today.

Those DRM-hating rapscallions at Good Old Games have discounted the early-90s classic by 60% for a special, one-day only sale. Ordinarily $9.99, today the game is available for the rockbottom price of $3.99.

Still not interested? Then you are a horrible person and we want our friendship bracelet back, immediately.

Developed for Delphine Software by a team of (mostly) one--√Čric Chahi--the game follows a young physicist who suddenly finds himself in an alternate universe. The GOG.com version of the game includes the "15th Anniversary Edition" remastered cut of the game as well as the original, along with the service's usual crop of bonuses.