Mega Man X, Bit.Trip Core demo hit Nintendo downloads


It's time for your weekly spate of Nintendo downloads, and this week actually offers a few games you might be interested in. Virtual Console brings Mega Man X for $8 (800 Wii Points), the Super NES title that began the long cycle of Mega Man spin-offs to come.

On WiiWare, indecisive gamers can try a free demo for Bit.Trip Core, which should give you a good idea of whether you can subject yourself to that level of difficulty without going mad. Possibly less exciting is My Little Baby for $6. It's Nintendogs with little humans instead of Labrador puppies.

Finally, DSiWare offers GO Series Captain Sub, which is just as quirky and water-oriented as it sounds. DodoGo! Robo is a robot-themed puzzle game. And Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2 is a simplified piano tutorial featuring works from famous composures like Bach and Chopin. Each of the DSiWare titles this week costs $2.