Team Fortress 2 gets 'Hatless Update'

Valve can be cruel sometimes. After getting us all hooked on those sweet, fashionable Team Fortress 2 hats, along comes an update with precisely zero hats. They even flaunt it by calling it the Hatless Update. Is it something we did, Valve? Are you mad at us?

New, non-hat content includes coaching, which pairs players with volunteer player advisers; training tutorials for the Demoman, Engineer, and Spy; and voting on matters like which map to play next or which user to boot.

The update also brings various tweaks. Dynamic model loading helps the game run smoother and faster, servers can be associated with Steam IDs, and the voice chat should be clearer. The team has also tweaked class duels to let players lock a mutual class, made smarter bots, and improved paint effects for items. The map Koth_Badlands has also been trimmed for King of the Hill competition.

If you actually have an interest in an update that lacks even a single bit of head wear, check out the full patch notes at the bottom.