Mass Effect 3 details emerge

Besides a cinematic trailer and some groundwork laid in the recent Mass Effect 2 Arrival downloadable content, details for Mass Effect 3 have been sparse. Now we have a few more snippets of information, thanks to the latest issue of Game Informer (via GameFAQs). Minor spoilers follow.

Apparently the Reaper invasion of Earth seen in the trailer kicks off the action, as it interrupts Shepard's trial for his actions during the Arrival. Some familiar faces from both previous games will join the squad, including Liara, Garrus, and Ashley or Kaiden based on which survived in the original Mass Effect. Cerberus also plays a role, and the Illusive Man is none-too-happy with Shepard this time.

The third game in the series has learned a lesson from the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2, and will feature an interactive comic to let players make major decisions if starting from scratch. It's also said to bring back some of the more standard RPG elements, including mods for weapons, and more customization for equipping squad mates.

Check out the issue for more details, and we'll keep an eye out for other juicy tidbits as BioWare ramps up its marketing campaign for Mass Effect 3's holiday 2011 release.