Pre-order Dungeon Siege 3 on Steam, get parts one and two for free


Square Enix and Valve are partnering up to triple the siege-value for those who pre-order Dungeon Siege 3 from Steam. Order the Gearbox-developed ">Dungeon Siege 3 in advance of release, and you'll receive free copies of the first two titles in the series made by Gas Powered Games.

"Selecting Steamworks to be integrated into the upcoming Dungeon Siege 3 title made perfect sense as we wanted to provide the best possible gameplay experience for PC gamers and long-standing fans of the series," said David Hoffman, executive producer for Dungeon Siege 3.

Featuring four unique playable characters, four-player online cooperative play, as well as two-player local co-op, Dungeon Siege 3 is due to launch on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Recently delayed, the game is now expected to release on June 17.