Resistance 3 beta comes early for SOCOM 4 buyers

Sony is encouraging purchases of SOCOM 4 with the promise of early access to the beta of another anticipated PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter, Resistance 3. The PlayStation Blog announced that if a SOCOM 4 box bears a Resistance 3 sticker, a voucher code is included. The blog didn't indicate what percentage of SOCOM 4 boxes will include the voucher.

Vouchers are also included in all Full Deployment Editions of SOCOM 4, which includes the Move controller, sub-controller, PlayStation Eye, and the Move sharp shooter. Throwing the voucher in as well makes sense, considering it's $149.99.

The announcement didn't include details on when the beta would be open to other PlayStation Network users, but details are said to be coming on the voucher code sheet. Resistance 3 isn't due until September 6, so we've probably still got a while before the beta kicks off.