Unpleasant Horse rejected by Apple

Unpleasant Horse, in which a naughty Pegasus pushes hapless animals into meat grinders, is apparently a little too unpleasant for Apple's tastes. In a series of tweets (via Joystiq), PopCap's new experimental label 4th & Battery announced that Apple rejected the free iPhone game. "We thought horses dying in meat grinders were wholesome family entertainment!" the team joked in a now-deleted tweet.

4th & Battery is appealing with a higher rating, and set to make an official statement soon. In the meantime, the team has been none-too-subtly complimenting Apple.

4th & Battery was formed to help give PopCap teams an outlet for their creativity, and to build on strange ideas that might not fit the standard PopCap mold. Unpleasant Horse is its first game -- or it will be, when and if Apple accepts it.