EA Sports planning persistent profiles

EA is planning to roll out persistent player profiles that keep your data in the cloud, starting with its EA Sports division. Joystiq reports that EA Sports president and tattoo enthusiast Peter Moore shared the plan last night at the MI6 conference.

"Today we're looking at a seamless experience across all our franchises," he said. "Regardless of where you are, what platform you have, what game you're playing, that you're constantly connected. It's no longer 'buy Madden 11 and then buy Madden 12 and start from scratch,' it is 'take everything that you've done and migrate it and move it along.'"

We've seen similar moves in which data from previous saves impacts a new game, but Moore talks about this being platform-agnostic, which means EA would keep your data stored on its own servers. So if you bought one Madden on PlayStation 3 and another on Xbox 360, the game could still recognize your progress. He says EA wants to "recognize users and reward them for playing multiple games."

Moore didn't mention specific titles, but he did hint that this plan goes for all EA games in the long-term. "It's not far away," he said. "This is how we envision the future of our industry and this is how we at EA Sports individualize and personalize this as the future of our brand and ultimately the future of what Electronic Arts as a whole is going to do across all of its titles.