Yakuza: Of the End hitting Japan on June 9

Yakuza: Of the End has a new release date, along with a socially conscious benefit. The Japanese site Ryu-ga-gotoku (via Joystiq) reveals that the game is now set to come out in Japan on June 9. Sega hasn't yet confirmed the game for North America or Europe.

Besides the release date, the announcement brings has word that a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan, and copies of the game will come with a "Let's Go, Japan" bumper sticker.

The game was originally slated to hit on March 17, but in light of the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, Sega elected to move the game. The Yakuza spin-off deals with a zombie apocalypse hitting Japan, so it was probably the tasteful move. Zombies, tsunamis -- pretty much all disasters are taboo for a little while.