Battlefield Play4Free launches


EA sent out word today reminding fans that Battlefield Play4Free has hit its launch date, and is now available at the game's Web site. The game features maps from Battlefield 2, weapons and classes from Bad Company 2, and 16 vehicles.

The game was developed by the team behind Battlefield Heroes, and is the latest example of EA taking its established franchises into alternate distribution and revenue models. The company says that in-game advertising isn't fool-proof, and microtransaction models are proving much more reliable.

Beta codes were given out on March 31 to anyone who had registered a previous Battlefield game, and then on April 2 for select fans on Facebook and Twitter. Now the game is widely available for your free explosion-filled pleasure. If you've been checking out in beta or just started today, hit the comments to let fellow Shackers know what you think.