Angry Birds Rio slingshots to 10M downloads

On its official Twitter page, developer Rovio posted the mysterious phrase, "10 in 10 ... Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all out fans!!!" Later clarified the statement by confirming the recently released iOS and Android sequel Angry Birds Rio had hit the ten million download mark within ten days of release.

Unfortunately, Rovio did not offer further clarification on how many downloads landed on each available platform. While the iOS version of the game is available for 99 cents, Angry Birds Rio is free through Amazon's Droid Marketplace.

Regardless of platform, Rovio has struck gold with its stable of furious fowl, who have teamed up with the "stars" of the upcoming animated Fox motion picture, Rio. Should this partnership yield positive commercial results, we eagerly await the next title in the series: Angry Birds Thor.