Magicka: Vietnam DLC priced and dated

Magicka: Vietnam still feels like some sort of beautiful dream, possibly due to the fact that it was announced with a gibberish cover of The Trashmen's song Surfin' Bird. It'll soon become reality though, as publisher Arrowhead and developer Paradox announced today that the downloadable content be released on April 12 at $4.99.


Vietnam brings the magical action-RPG to the Vietnam War (where else?), with "a lengthy challenge scenario that puts you in the combat boots and stylish robe of a Wizard GI." You'll be armed with Vietnam-era weapons and a new napalm airstrike Magick as you enter the Goblin-Cong jungle to rescue prisoners from a POW camp. Honestly, this is happening.

Vietnam will also add a new survival challenge map, "with increased difficulty in direct response to the request from the community."

Neatly, as long as a multiplayer game's host owns Vietnam, everyone else will be able to play it too. Of course, you should all do the decent thing and buy it anyway.

Once Vietnam is out the door, the next "big update" to Magicka will bring some form of PvP that's more formalised than current 'intentional friendly fire' incidents.