Team Fortress 2 charity hats hit $300K in sales

On the official Team Fortress 2 blog, the team behind the ubercharged shooter have revealed that sales for special in-game items developed for the Japanese disaster relief have topped $300,000.

"Wow. Seriously, people, WOW. We knew you had it in you, but we're still amazed you've raised over $300,000 so far," the post reads. Three items are available for Team Fortress 2 players looking to score exclusive items while donating to a good cause: Humanitarian's Hachimaki" for $7.99, the "Benefactor's Kanmuri" for $19.99, and the "Magnanimous Monarch" for $99.99. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

"Anytime someone gives you guff about something negative in gaming, you go ahead and point them to this post, because here's some late-breaking damn news: they are wrong and gamers are generous and awesome," the post exclaims. The special items will be available until April 6.

A plethora of other gaming-related charity drives are still ongoing, so make sure to check our most recent "Japan Relief Effort" recap for more information.