MDK2 With T&L

By Maarten Goldstein, May 28, 2000 6:22am PDT

NVNews has some benchmarks showing how the just released MDK2 demo profits from the GeForce T&L engine. There are also some screenshots which shows you what it looks like with T&L enabled.

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  • T&L in MDK 2, as far as I know, just accelerates what's there - no new additions.

    That's a shame - part of the point of adding T&L acceleration is to allow more polys to be added without much of a drop in performance. So far we don't really have any objective way to show that this is true, except for the high-detail Q3 demonstrations (the "heavy" setting and the GF2 map), which haven't actually been tested on any GeForce competitors yet!

    What we need is a game with a very high poly count, the option to do software as well as hardware T&L, and a test with cards from the GeForce onwards (including the V5 5500 & 6000, GF2, and Radeon) seeing how the chips with T&L acceleration stack up against those that don't in a situation where the hardware boost is REALLY needed.