Stacking 'Hobo King' DLC on XBLA next week

Stacking's tramp-based first downloadable content The Lost Hobo King is headed to Xbox 360 next week, Microsoft mouthpiece Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb has revealed.


The Lost Hobo King will be released on April 6 at the price of 400 Microsoft Points ($5), on Xbox 360 at least. The PlayStation 3 price and date have yet to be revealed, though Stacking's Facebook page noted today that they would be revealed "later this week," so we should know for certain soon. It'd be shocking if The Lost Hobo King cost any more on PS3 and arrived much later.

The DLC will see Charlie travel to the lost hobo kingdom of Camelfoot to help his chum Levi's uncle Rufus recover the hobo crown and become king of the hobos. "Several new challenges, each with multiple solutions" are promised, along with over 15 new dolls for Charlie to stack inside.

Developer Double Fine has already revealed its next big downloadable project, a "tower defense shooter" for Xbox Live Arcade named Trenched.