Nintendo 3DS sets sales record

The Nintendo 3DS has snagged the title of Nintendo's best day-one handheld sales. Responding to our inquiry on yesterday's report of 3DS errors, a Nintendo spokesperson said:

U.S. day-one sales numbers for Nintendo 3DS were the highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history. The number of calls and emails received by our customer support center is well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches, and there are no widespread issues. As always, people who have questions or comments about Nintendo 3DS or any Nintendo products can visit our support website at http://support.nintendo.com or call 800-255-3700.

While the official statement isn't terribly helpful regarding the purported "Black Screen of Death," it did carry the interesting sales tidbit. Nintendo's handheld history is no slouch, having launched success stories like the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and original DS. By comparison, when the DS Lite launched in the US, Nintendo announced that it sold 136,500 units in its first two days.

We'll keep an eye out for actual sales numbers, as Nintendo is sure to brag once it has some solid internal figures.