Mass Effect 2: Arrival trailer marks DLC launch

The final piece of Mass Effect 2 downloadable content, Arrival, launches today for all three platforms. In celebration, BioWare has released a trailer giving a peek at just what Shepard will be getting herself into. There's also a lot of some boring shaven-headed chap in N7 armour, for some reason.

Arrival leads into the Reaper invasion of Earth in Mass Effect 3, sending Shepard on a mission to rescue an undercover operative with evidence of the Reaper's plans. She also gets a look at Lance Henriksen's character, Admiral Hackett of the Alliance Navy, who has only been present as a voice so far.

Arrival costs $7 (560 Microsoft Points; 560 BioWare Points) and is already available for Xbox 360. It'll hit PC and PlayStation 3 later today. Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for the 2011 holiday season.

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