Rift 'River of Souls' event launching March 30


The dead shall spill forth from the Plane of Death and walk Telara again come March 30, thanks to a new Rift world event and raid arriving as part of the MMORPG's first big update, Patch 1.1.

The River of Souls event will see liches, ettins, gravemakers and other nasties causing trouble all across the world for a week. Players of all levels with be able to join in the zombie-busting fun.

"Hundreds" of new items are up for grabs if you beat back the ghoulies, including "exclusive rewards" such as a Spectral Horse mount and artifacts which turn players undead. All flesh is grass, though, and the goodies will cease dropping once the Death Rifts are sealed.

River of Souls will culminate in an eponymous 20-person raid zone, where players tackle the dastardly fiend behind it all--Alsbeth the Discordant.

Rift launched on March 1, developed by Trion Worlds.