Kinect hacked to be PS3 controller

Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect controller for Xbox 360 can now be used unofficially as a rudimentary PlayStation controller, thanks to a new hack released over the weekend by programmer Shantanu Goel (via PSGroove).

The 'Kinect-PS3' hack processes Kinect input on a PC running Linux then transmits it to a PlayStation 3 via Bluetooth, requiring neither an Xbox 360 nor modifications to the PS3. If you're tech-savvy, you can download and give it a go yourself.

Goel describes Kinect-PS3 as "a proof of concept" that's "pre-alpha quality software currently" and still in need of further development. However, he's released a video demonstrating using Kinect to navigate the PlayStation 3 XMB and play a little Killzone 3.

BOOM video 8532

Microsoft plans to launch an official Kinect SDK for Windows this spring. Sony is bringing its own motion-sensing controller, PlayStation Move, to PC with a toolkit named Move.Me, though curiously this will need to be run through a PS3.