Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC due this month


The final piece of Mass Effect 2 downloadable content will pave the way for the Reaper invasion of Earth in Mass Effect 3 when it launches later this month, publisher EA announced today.

The 'Arrival' DLC will see Shepard and chums "sent to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may have evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion." The Lance Henriksen-voiced Admiral Hackett of the Alliance Navy is said to play "a prominent role" in Arrival. Hopefully we'll finally get to put a weathered face to the gravely voice that's been doling out missions over the Normandy's comms channel.

Developer BioWare has long promised that DLC would bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 and the sci-fi RPG series' conclusion in 3.

Arrival is due to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 29, priced at $7 (560 Microsoft Points; 560 BioWare Points). Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for release in the 2011 holiday season, it was revealed in the announcement trailer debuted at the Spike VGA ceremony last year.