MDK2 Demo

By Steve Gibson, May 27, 2000 2:36am PDT

A playable demo of MDK2 is now available for download. Its over 80megs though so go have breakfast and spank it a little while you wait. Thanks VoodooExtreme

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  • I really digged the first one. I am impressed with the way MDK games seem to always push the envelope in terms of graphics. I could barely run the first one and with this one i barely pull 30fps.

    Anyone else catch the propellerheads/matrix homage in the music in the dog level?

    And i don't know what everyone has been saying about not advertising. Bioware has been pushing this game, i guess just not on the shack. if you check out they have been praising it for a while now.

    My only complaints are that Kurt just doesn't look as cool as he did in the first one. He looks fat in mdk2, and sort of like a dumb white boy. In the first one he looked like a sleeck killing machine. Also maybe it exsists in the retail game but the sounds weren't as exciting for me as the first game. Anyone remember those crashing morters from the first one? those sounded awesome.

    all in all highly recommended. Both this and the first.