Mizuguchi: Child of Eden's 'Journey Project' yielded as many as five thousand submissions

In September 2010, Ubisoft announced it would use user-submitted images that represented the game's theme of hope and happiness to help craft the final stage of Q? Entertainment's upcoming title Child of Eden.

During a preview for the spiritual successor to Rez, legendary designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi told Shacknews that the response to the Journey Project was outstanding.

"I got four or five thousand pictures from all around the world," Mizuguchi said. The game's creative designer also revealed that Q? Entertainment has selected "four or five hundred" images to help craft the final level in Child of Eden.

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Mizuguchi said that he felt many of the images represented what was intended in the original vision for the game: hope, love, and happiness. "I cried when I saw the pictures," he admitted. "Every picture has something. An emotional something. I was so moved and I really want to thank the people, very much." Mizuguchi says that the photo-filled interactive level is very much a part of the entire Child of Eden experience and not an extension or an added piece.

Child of Eden launches on the Xbox 360 on June 14, 2011. The game supports both traditional controllers and Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing peripheral. A PlayStation 3 version will launch at a later date. Ubisoft would not confirm reports that the game would feature Move support.