Player ban lifted for sarcastic comment in reference to Dragon Age 2 [Update]

[Update] An EA representative told Shacknews that the issue has been resolved:

EA strictly enforces the code of conduct at Social.BioWare.com. If a player violates the rules by using profanity, they will be temporarily banned. Unfortunately, there was an error in the system that accidentally suspended a user's entire account. Immediately upon learning of the glitch, EA took steps to restore the user's macro account and apologized for the inconvenience.

[Original Post] A bit of internet snark has left one customer unable to play his copy of Dragon Age 2 recently. According to a frustrated post on the BioWare forums, a user going by the name "vware" was suspended for 72 hours after a sarcastic comment. He had said, "Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?"

Ordinarily, a suspension would just strip a user of forum posting privileges. In this case, however, the user had bought his copy of Dragon Age 2, but hadn't activated it yet. Since activation is handled through the EA Community portal, he can't activate the game in order to play it until the ban is lifted.

BioWare community representative Stanley Woo clarified later in the thread that forum bans only impact forum activity. The EA Community ban came from a different department, after another user apparently reported it. He also pointed to the EA Terms of Service, specifically the sections on Rules of Conduct and account termination.

"Because the BioWare community now operates under the same umbrella as all EA Communities, community members here have all explicitly agreed to abide by and be governed by both sets of rules," said Woo. "Consider it an added incentive to follow the rules you say you're going to follow."

Of course, the user's account is only suspended for 72 hours in total, at least 24 of which have passed already, so he'll be starting the game up before the weekend is over. We've contacted EA for official comment, but have not heard back yet. In the meantime, draconian measure or fair penalty for being a smartass? Let us know in the comments.