Weekend Confirmed Episode 51

By Garnett Lee, Mar 11, 2011 12:00pm PST

Though they're missing PAX East, the Weekend Confirmed crew can't complain about the amazing SoCal weather, and Shacknews's Xav de Matos is up in Boston to cover the show. EGM's Sterling McGarvey joins Jeff and Garnett in the studio for this week's show. There's still plenty of leftovers from last week's GDC along with new releases to fill Whatcha Been Playin? The highlights include Fight Night Champions, Dragon Age 2, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and Alice: Madness Returns. GDC panels and your comments on apologizing for Bulletstorm get the Warning going strong. And news in the Front Page includes several game announcements, sales records for Kinect and Pokemon, and cloud save game backups for the PS3.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 51: 03/11/2011

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Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 1: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:30:43

  • Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Start: 00:31:28 End: 00:58:20

  • The Warning: Start: 00:59:27 End: 01:33:28

  • Featured Music "Spirit" by Tabernacle MCz: 01:33:28 End: 01:36:46

  • Front Page news: Start: 01:36:46 End: 02:13:57

This week's featured music is the track "Spirit" by Tabernacle MCz. The Genesis for this new Aquarian Gospel comes in the name of Tabernacle MCz Featuring Panama Redd a.k.a Deacon Dwindle Ducketz, Shaheid known as Father "BreakYoSelf" Tithes, and the Apostle Born Allah alias Sweet Daddy Grace. These ministers of the Aquarian Gospel are backed by “The Get Dat Money Boyz Choir”, also called the Choir Boyz. You can keep up with them at Facebook, ReverbNation, BandCamp, and Twitter

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  • Ok, so I'm going to actually attempt this now... For me a AAA game is a game that's trying to convey a complete reality. If you look at the scope of video game evolution, it has really started with pixels themselves, and evolved to pixels that form 'nouns' that we're actually familiar with like cars, people, guns, etc. To me, a non-AAA game is something that restrains its attempt to convey a whole reality for the sake of game mechanics. Something like Tetris or even Mario, the later of which just sort of uses psychedelic imagery in a generalized way. While these games can be fun, and even more pleasurable than "reality" games, they're not attempting to completely suspend our disbelief. So, I think the theory of AAA games, is that we don't just play to exercise fun mechanics, but to believe we're in (a)nother world. We sacrifice mechanics to some extent, to exploit technology and use stimuli that makes an experience virtual.

    I guess I'll also add, I think the standard to which we hold a game's success in conveying a "complete reality" depends on the technology available to the developers on their game's platform. So, you can argue that a game is or isn't AAA on the PC, Wii, or iphone.

    Also, I do think different traditional game genres fall into the AAA fold---ie even though racing games don't even show you the person driving for instance, because the mechanics are only driving, it can be considered AAA. However, I think those kinds of "focused experiences' status is conditional based on how much they exploit the technology. So, Mario Kart may be more fun than Gran Turismo, but it's not AAA because its merely exploiting the idea of racing to create a sense of "fun."