Toy Soldiers: Cold War revealed; original coming to PC later this year

A sequel to the Signal Studios-developed Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title Toy Soldiers has been revealed, featuring a more modern setting. Entitled Toy Soldiers: Cold War, the game transports the diorama-sized army men from the horrors of miniature World War I and into the conflict of the '80s. The game was revealed in an email from Microsoft promoting its upcoming PAX East line-up. The game will be on display alongside other XBLA titles at Microsoft's Arcade and Homefront-sponsored booth in Boston. PAX East kicks off this Friday.

From World War I to the Cold War, only the scenery of war changes for the Toy Soldiers.

Like the original, Toy Soldiers: Cold War will be exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade and promises to blend first-person action with Tower Defense-style strategy. According to the developer's blog, the sequel will include a new co-op mode, secondary turret features, and new minigun-based minigames. Signal also noted on its blog that the original XBLA release has reached over 500K units since launch, and will bring the game to PC gamers sometime in "late spring/early summer." BOOM video 8386