PS3 cloud saves for PSN Plus members goes live

Starting tomorrow, PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain the previously rumored capability to backup save files from their PS3 to online storage space on the service. Yes, the cloud has come to the console. The feature provides each PSN Plus account up to 1000 save files and a combined total of 150MB for game save data. Users will be able to check their available space from the XrossMediaBar (XMB). That data can be restored once per 24-hour period. The system will also support "Copy-prohibited save data," and important inclusion for those who intend to use the feature to play games from different locations.

When it goes live, online storage will work with most existing games, and all games from here on out will include support for it. Using the service is built-in to the existing menus for save files. To back-up, a new selection "Online Storage" will be available from the "Copy" menu. And to transfer back down to your PS3, an "Online Storage" option will also be added to the "Save Data Utility" menu from which you can copy any files to your local machine.

Cloud storage goes live March 10, 2011 as part of the PS3 system software update 3.60. The update also includes "minor features" not detailed in the release. These can be checked on the system update support page once the update goes out.