Castlevania: Lords of Shadow first DLC due this month for $10


The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow downloadable content pack that was initially scheduled to launch in February will arrive at the end of this month for $10, publisher Konami has announced.

Reverie will add two extra chapters that see Gabriel Belmont returning to the castle, helping Laura deal with "an ancient evil" that has arisen following the death of Carmilla in Lords of Shadow. Laura will be playable "in certain sections," producer David Cox has revealed on Twitter.

Cox explained previously that the Reverie delay is due to "some last minute bug fixes."

A second DLC pack, named Resurrection, is also on the way. Set immediately after Lords of Shadow, it promises insight into the game's epilogue and a "final showdown with a very notorious enemy." According to Cox, Resurrection is still on schedule for its planned April launch. "Don't foresee any delays on that!" he said.

Reverie is slated to launch for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the end of March, priced at $10 (800 Microsoft Points).