GDC: Sony announces Move SDK

Sony announced a PlayStation Move software development kit for hobbyists and educational purposes, titled Move.Me. SCEA's developer support team senior engineer John McCutchan announced the SDK on the PlayStation Blog, in preparation for a presentation he'll be giving at the Game Developers Conference.

McCutchan says researchers expressed interest in the Move last year, leading to the development of Move.Me. It's an application that runs through the PlayStation 3 and sends the motion data to the PC, similar to the SDK used by Move developers. Sony is hoping the technology leads to "new, innovative interactive technology in fields like academia, healthcare" and to "inspire applications that we could never have imagined."

Last week, Microsoft announced it would be releasing a Kinect software development kit, requiring only the Kinect hardware and a Windows PC. With Move.Me, now two console motion controllers are giving official sanction to hobbyists. Nintendo, what's the hold-up?