GDC: Minecraft developer announces Scrolls

After months of teasing, Minecraft developer Mojang has announced its next game at GDC 2011. Named Scrolls, it's a multiplayer game mixing board game with collectible card game.

"At the core it's a collectable card game, but it's also a board game," Scrolls lead designer Jakob Porser explained to Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "It's combining the two. As you place your units or your buildings, or your siege weapons, you place it on the game board to play against your opponent. It's not only about designing a proper collection of scrolls [cards], and the tactical aspect of that deck, but it's also about the tactical sense of how to place your units on the game board."

Buyin the game will net you a randomised 'starter deck,' then you can buy randomised 'booster packs' if you want more cards--or scrolls, as they're called here. Players will also be able to trade cards. Porser hopes to have an option to win cards in tournaments or from other players, though there are legal issues to address first. "We don't want to have to get a gambling license and put the servers in Malta to get the game up and running," he said.

Mojang also plans to explore the possibility of single-player, should the game go well.

While Minecraft went on sale when it was still in alpha development, Scrolls will have a closed alpha before going on sale when it enters beta. Then, as with Minecraft, it'll continue to be updated with new features.

Minecraft fans need fear not, as creator Markus 'Notch' Persson is still focusing on the illustrious dig 'em up. Development on iOS and Android versions of Minecraft is underway.