The Gunstringer gameplay trailer: bang bang!

As well as showing off platformer sequel Ms. 'Splosion Man, developer Twisted Pixel Games has today released footage of the first fifteen minutes from its cowboy puppet-based Kinect game for Xbox Live Arcade game The Gunstringer.

Twisted Pixel's usual charm, style and humour are all evident. The game is presented as a puppet show with a narrator in front of a live studio audience, and features oddities including a boss battle against a wavy tube man.

As for actually playing the game, it's largely an on-rails shooter, also with cover-based gunfight sections. Players control the eponymous marionette with their left hand, moving left and right as well as jumping. Firing is handled with the right, painting targets by waving over them then jerking upwards to fire. Pew pew! Players can also execute special moves, such as slamming an arm down to crush puppets.

The Gunstringer is due to be released for Xbox 360 Kinect via Xbox Live Arcade this year.

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