Shack PSA: Weekend PC digital deals

Ring in the last weekend of the month the way any dedicated PC gamer does--by buying so many cheap games in digital distributor sales that you're overwhelmed by choice, paralysed with indecision, until you simply walk away. In the back of your mind, the ever-growing virtual pile of unplayed games still nags at you. Bargains this weekend that will haunt you for years to come include 75% off the last few Command & Conquer games, The Witcher for $7.98 and the brilliant recent King's Bounty games starting at only $2.49. While you can get a third off Dead Space 2, it turns out to be not too exciting as many retailers are offering the exact some price anyway. There's more, of course. Here's our selection of this week's deals: Steam GamersGate You can get up to 20% off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood through a quiz we've set up with GamersGate, simply by answering trivia questions. Direct2Drive 15% off all MMOs, including pre-orders, if you use the coupon code hotpockets at the checkout. Good Old Games

King's Bounty: Armored Princess

Beamdog EA Impulse

Mount & Blade: Warband

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