Patapon 3 grooves to retail, PSN April 12


Just when we were getting the beats of its predecessors out of our heads, a release date has been revealed for Patapon 3. The PSP-exclusive title will arrive on April 12 for $19.99 USD.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Patapon 3 will be available both at retail and for download via the PlayStation Store.

The game continues the adventures of the Patapon tribe, who are now trapped on a "dark and desolate battle field, surrounded by a sea of stone soldiers and a new evil threatening the very existence of the Patapon world." And you thought all you had to do was nod your head along to the beat!

According to the game's producer, Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, the Patapon 3 team has been hard at work "implementing some of the changes requested" from a multiplayer beta released for the game last year.