Meet the new Shacknews in a video tour

By Garnett Lee, Feb 23, 2011 4:01pm PST Hello, World Good, it looks like this thing is working. Welcome all to the new Shacknews! Yes, as your first look already told you, we've given the place a massive overhaul. When we started talking about redesigning the Shack, we decided to go all the way and not just slap a new coat of paint on things. The changes you see--and those you don't behind the scenes--throughout the site reflect months of work toward the goal of creating a better Shacknews experience. Clearly, the front page is a departure from the blog format of old. We absolutely intend to continue reporting the video game news of the day as our core content. And we have a revised news page for that as well if you prefer the traditional "river" view. The new Shacknews home page comes at things a little differently. The visual approach gives us an easy way to quickly present the best stories of the moment. It results in a page you can quickly scan to see what stories you might want to check out right away. We also wanted to better support the community that forms the heart and soul of the Shack. That starts with a new and improved chatty. It now runs on a 24-hour cycle, meaning you'll never again get cutoff by the Morning Discussion or Evening Reading reset. We also bring in headlines from our news stories as a new root post. This puts the conversation for a story in one place and makes it easy to sit on chatty and see everything that's going on as well. It's an all new Shacknews underneath the hood as well. Not nearly as flashy, but maybe most important of all the upgrades, the end result should be a consistently responsive site. We also modernized many of the things you use everyday like the new screenshot viewer and video player. Enough talking about it, we're eager for you to get in and see what we've been working on. We put together this brief video walkthrough as a quick way to get familiar with the lay of the land. Give it a look, play with the new site, and thanks for being part of the Shack. We know this is a bold change. It's also just the starting point. There's a lot still to do and we'll be closely watching all the suggestions and comments.

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  • Wonderful. Yet another site to fall to the temptation of redesigning the primary layout for the site around mobile browsing, inevitably making the browsing experience on a computer akin to a game of whack-a-mole to get at the content I want to see.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm used to the usual responses to this type of post by now. Save it. The bottom line is that even if I click on the full "news" feed, I get way less content per page than I used to with the old design. No argument you make will change that fact, and that's really the only thing that bothers me.

    The articles themselves are truncated unless you open them in individual browser windows/tabs, there is less visual content on the news feed than there was, and even the comment quotations are smaller.

    Yes, progress is inevitable. Blah, blah, blah. Then why does it feel like we're going backwards with trends like this?

  • My screen width is 53CM across. The Shack news page takes up ~26.5CM, which leaves a whole 50% of the screen unutilzed. There does not appear to be a widescreen option in settings. Am I just a unhappy minority who thinks this is pretty poor for a redesign, considering how relativly inexpensive widescreen monitors have become? Or are the majority of shackers reading the site on smartphones? I wouldnt have thought so considering the content.

    Idk this is my first comment, but I think not having a option to have a more efficent layout option seems rather odd for a redesign. Also the stark white and then black comments hurt my eyes (but helps). Maybe theres just a option and I'm too blind to see it.

  • I like that article comments are all part of the same page, but I don't like that it's a jarring white-black transition.

    It works well for me on my widescreen monitor too, however the daily chatty doesn't conform to the same shape so the problem of massively WWIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEEE threads still remains. If the daily chatty was as wide as the article comments that would be nice (for me at least).

    Would be good if we could select a users profile page without having to open their post too.

    The ads at the sides of each page are now more obvious/obnoxious with the white background.

    Overall, I'm not sure the white background across the site is a good idea, the black worked well.

    I'm sure I'll think of something else later...