Dead Space 2 'Severed' DLC Info

By Steve Watts, Feb 23, 2011 9:59am PST

Chances are you've finished Dead Space 2 by now, perhaps more than once. If you haven't gotten your fill of slicing off limbs, an EA press release has given word that the previously announced "Severed" downloadable content will be coming in just under a week.

The DLC is set for March 1 on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network in North America. It will cost $6.99 (560 MS Points). European players can expect it on March 2 for the PlayStation Network.

The pack includes two new chapters starring Gabe Weller from Dead Space Extraction, equipping him with a special security suit and an upgraded Pulse Rifle. The new missions also bring back the Twitcher enemy from the first game.

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